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About Us


While education is broadly contained within the four walls of schools and colleges, we strongly believe learning is an experience that has an effect on a student at a personal level. Until now conventional practices and traditional methodologies have had a reasonable influence in shaping the minds of our children, but in today’s world, we think there is a need for an immediate upgrade. Erudex is born out this idea that aims to nurture education in the digital landscape and make learning a personal experience for students. Besides making knowledge more accessible to students, we strive to prepare the learners of today become the achievers of tomorrow.

  • Comprehensive curriculums are laid across personalized learning paths to learn and teach effectively
  • Our rich repository of multimedia content that includes HQ Animations and Illustrative summaries helps simplify teaching and keeps students engaged
  • An archive of assessment modules helps students evaluate their understanding after each topic through MCQs, FAQs, Quizzes, Tips, etc.
  • Timely reports that include usage and performance analytics are made accessible for all stakeholders to view and analyze the progress made across timelines
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