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About Us


While education is broadly contained within the four walls of schools and colleges, we strongly believe learning is an experience that has an effect on a student at a personal level. Until now conventional practices and traditional methodologies have had a reasonable influence in shaping the minds of our children, but in today’s world, we think there is a need for an immediate upgrade. Erudex is born out this idea that aims to nurture education in the digital landscape and make learning a personal experience for students. Besides making knowledge more accessible to students, we strive to prepare the learners of today becomes the achievers of tomorrow.

  • We are a passionate team driven by the common purpose of making learning a personal experience for students
  • We are armed with over 30 years of experience in designing Learning Solutions for stakeholders across all continents
  • Our contributors include renowned Educationists, Policy Makers, Professors, Scholars, Subject Matter Experts, Teachers, Students, and Parents, who have been instrumental in framing our strategies and solutions
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