Erudex - Make Learning Personal -FAQs


1. How can I join

To be a part of, one must go through a simple registration procedure, that is free. The following steps are to be followed for registration:

  • Log-on to
  • Click on "Login" if you are an existing user.
  • If you are a new user click on "Register" and- fill in your profile information as a student and as a parent.
  • Once completed, you will be welcomed to the with a welcome e-mail and login credentials.
  • You now become a registered member of

2. Why is an online learning platform driven with a passion to "Make learning Personal". Erudex is dedicated to provide quality learning thru Rich Multimedia conceptual content, collaborative framework and assessment solutions for students studying in classes 1-12 under CBSE and leading state boards. caters to the learning needs of students through its high-quality rich multimedia, adaptive assessments, Chapter level features, quizzes along with a collaborative platform to connect and share with your friends and peers.

On joining you get
  • Free mobile app to access the content and study anywhere, any time.
  • Free study content for first chapters of all subjects & lots more.
  • Free Parent logins.
  • Collaborative platform.
  • Performance, Reports and analytics.
  • Access to competitive exam prep courses that prepare you for IIT, NEET, EAMCET and Olympiads based on higher level of subscription.
3. I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, you can request for a password reset mailer to be sent to your registered email address. Just go to the website, click on "login" and click on "forgot Password" and follow instructions.

4. How do I change my password?

To change your password, log-in to your account and click on the 'My Profile' Option tab. Select 'Change Password' tab in the green band and fill in the necessary details to change password.

5. How can I edit/update my profile details?
  • You need to first log on to, In order to edit/update your profile.
  • Login first and go to the edit profile screen and make changes to your profile and submit.
6. How much time will I need to spend on is driven with a vision to "Make learning Personal". Erudex enables you to access the website 24/7 thru any device (mobile phone, tablet or a browser, or a windows app), anytime and from anywhere. If you have a tablet you can even access the content offline.

So it is up to the student to spend as much time as possible, there is no limitation from


7. What all does offer? offers online study content for AP and Telangana SSC, CBSE courses for classes 1-12 for Maths, Science, Social and English.

For Students:

Different types of solutions are offered for students. Please select "For Students" from top menu and select the grade for details.

For Schools:

Three types of school level solutions are offered:




8. How will the Adaptive Assessment System help me learn faster?

The adaptive Assessment System is an assessment (test) engine designed to measure a student's understanding of the underlying concepts and uniquely identify every individual student's weak areas within a given topic. The questions that a student sees will be based on his/her response to the previous question. The three steps in the Adaptive Assessment are:

Step 1: Take an assessment (test). Step 2: View report that summarizes your performance. Step 3: Take more self-assessment test in the same area to review improvements. Thus, the adaptive Assessment System helps create an environment that facilitates faster and effective learning.
9. Can I take Self-Assessment for a topic more than once?

The Self Assessments available on help in identifying concepts that you are weak in and to practice and master the topics. You can take as many self-assessments as possible, to help master the concept.

10. Where can I view the videos & animations for my class?

The videos & animations are integrated with the relevant study material and are available inside the Study Material organized topic wise for every chapter. To view sample videos for your class, go to 'Curriculum View'. And choose the subject.

11. I am unable to listen to the audio and/or view the videos on your site? What could be the possible reason?

If you are unable to listen to the audio or view the video on our site, please check the speed of your Internet connection and also ensure that your PC has a Flash player. You'll need a broadband connection with at least 3Mbps for best viewing experience.
If the problem persists, please contact us at

12. Is it sufficient if I only read the study material?

While 'Study material' is intended to clarify your understanding of concepts, it is equally important to assess your learning through Test Papers, Activities and Self Assessments. Additionally, you can interact with peer in your class thru collaborative framework.
Although Erudex provides a comprehensive material, each individual student may choose to read additional material from text books and other free resources to strengthen their concepts.

13. How will Chapter Features help me prepare for my exams?

Chapter Features are concise, end-of-chapter highlights that will help you to quickly revise the main concepts just before an exam. These ready-to-use summaries are complete with diagrams and simple illustrations to help in quickly understanding key concepts. You can even print these notes to keep them handy for last minute revisions.

14. Where can I find the chapter resources for my class?

Chapter resources are available under the "Curriculum" view and under the heading of chapter features.
There are several high-end features available for a quick reference

  • Key points
  • Concept Trees
  • Definitions
  • MCQS
  • Image Info
  • FAQ's
  • Facts
  • Glossary

15. I am unable to download PDF files; how do I get the same?

In order to download the PDF files, you need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your system. In case you face a problem while downloading the PDF files, please follow the given procedure:

Login to and follow the steps mentioned to download the reader. If you are still unable to download the same, mail us at: with the details of your login name, class, name of the chapter and name of the revision note that you wish to download.

16. Is studying using the Chapter Features enough to guarantee a good performance in the exams?

Chapter Features are intended to help students quickly refresh their memory for all important concepts in the chapter. However, to make the revision exercise thoroughly effective students should also go through the Practice Tests, self-assessments, videos available for every chapter and also take the Mock Tests.

17. What are the benefits of taking chapter-wise MCQ Tests (Quizzes)?

Chapter-wise Practice Tests help to assess your understanding of key concepts in a chapter. These tests are available in MCQ & descriptive formats to help you evaluate your proficiency levels for the chapter, before you proceed to the next chapter.

Furthermore, unlimited Self assessments tests can be taken from the assessment module, to help master the concepts further.

18. How do I view the results after taking a test?

You can click on the test to see the immediate results of the test.
Also, you can access the reports module to review more detailed reports using

  • Performance reports: Gives the performance of the students for all the assessments that they have taken through the entire year
  • Usage reports: All the usage of the student on time spent on different types of activities is reported using this function.
  • Comparative reports: Gives reports on how the student is performing in comparison with other students in the same class.

19. How will the Reports help me to evaluate my performance on the tests?

The performance report not only shows the marks obtained by you in that test but also gives explanations for incorrect choices. This performance report also contains a detailed comparative report that compares your performance with that of other students across the country. The performance reports on thus help assess preparation levels accurately, and take timely remediation action, if required.


20. What are the modes of payment available if I wish to buy any Erudex product?

You can use any of the following modes of payment to buy/ subscribe to the Services:
A. Pay Online by Credit Card/ Debit card/ Net banking / Cash Cards (ITZ/Done) or Mobile Payments:Pay online in Indian Rupees. Select the service you wish to avail and click on "Buy Now". Select the package, enter your username/password if you are a registered user of and select the respective payment option. Enter your card details or account details on the subsequent page on the payment gateway and submit the details. Paying through your credit/debit card and Internet bank account is completely safe at The successful payments will be activated immediately.
B. Cheque/DD: Cheque/DD should be DRAWN in favor of "Erudex Pvt. Ltd" payable at Hyderabad. Please mention order-id, username and contact details at the back of your cheque.

21. If I buy any course, for how long will it be valid?

Your paid subscription for a Erudex course is typically for a period of 1 academic year. However, the exact period of validity varies depending on the month in which the purchase is made, and from course to course. For any specific query pertaining to the validity of any course, please connect with the customer service department. email at

22. How soon will my services get activated?

If you use the online payment facility while using your credit card, debit card or an internet enabled account, the package will be activated immediately. In case of other modes of payment, the services will be activated within a timeline of 3-5days depending on the payment option selected.

23. How secure is the payment that I make through your website?

We are using payment gateways of CCAvenue which are secure gateways as accredited by VeriSign, agency providing SSL certificates to websites and payment gateways.
As an additional measure of security, you will have to enter a password after entering your credit/debit card details. This is an attempt to curtail the misuse of your credit card even if it gets lost or stolen!

24. Can I cancel my subscription?

Once a product/service has been purchased by you, Erudex will not be able to provide any refund, either in full or in part. We suggest that prior to making a purchase decision you go through the demos and other free content available on the website and also read all the terms and conditions published online.

25. Will I have to pay additional service tax over the price quoted?

No, the price quoted is inclusive of all taxes.

26. Will my free registration get cancelled after expiry of my paid membership?

Your free registration with will continue even after the expiry of your paid membership. However, you will be able to view only the free content available for your class. You will be given ample alerts thru our mailers to take action for renewal of the subscriptions.


27. If I face any problem with regard to the website, who do I contact and how?

If you face any problem on our website, please contact by sending us an e-mail at or call us at +918499033333

28. How can I give a feedback about the website?

You can mail us at with your feedback and suggestions.


29. Do I need a broadband connection to use

For proper functioning of the website we recommend that you should have a broadband connection.
Recommended connection: (6-10)Mbps & above
Minimum connection speed: 3Mbps
Though it will also work at lower connection speeds, for an optimum learning experience it is recommended that you have at least the minimum connection speeds specified above.

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