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Interactive Content

Keeping students with different capabilities in mind, we have designed a simplified curriculum that makes lessons engaging. Combining the best of audio-visual teaching methodology with interactive technology; our content offers a customized learning path for students to make learning personal.

  • Students learn independently through our customized learning paths
  • We have developed a vast repository of content that can be accessed for every topic
  • Every Chapter is loaded with animated videos along with features that enable students to get deeper insights on the subjects they're learning
  • Interactive chapter features include match the following, fill in the blanks, multiple-choice questions, frequently asked questions etc
  • Learn anytime, anywhere through our multi-device connectivity
  • Take learning across devices and pick-up where you left off with our one-channel experience
  • Access content with or without being connected to the internet
  • Customized curriculum paths make your learning journey simple, fun and personal
  • Engage in lessons and breakdown even the most complicated subjects through our video content & multimedia chapter features
  • Content we provide adheres to the board your school follows
  • Save time over planning your lessons with our dedicated lesson planning tools
  • Focus more on individual student's doubts and performance while your lesson is already thought through our HQ Content
  • Have students engage and participate in your lessons with easy-to-understand video lessons
  • Take complete advantage of our content that adheres to the syllabus you are teaching
  • Cite further examples and support your lessons with fun, interactive chapter features that aid students in building complete knowledge over a topic
  • Have access to lessons anytime so there is no fear of your child missing out on classes
  • Our content acts as a constant reference point in case your child hasn't followed what is taught at school; ensuring clarity & confidence
  • Customized curriculum paths let your child take lessons at their own pace
  • Spend less time and money in finding the best after-school tuition centres for your child where you never know what is taught on a day-to-day basis
  • Play an active part in your child's learning with the help of our additional resources that help you in explaining topics to your child
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