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Erudex's reports provide an advanced measuring system that breaks down a student's progress into clear and comprehensible components. This adds to the advantage of not just gaining an access to student's performance, but also shows the touchpoints where she/he can improve.

  • Access performance reports that are spread across our timeline
  • View timely reports based on day, week,month
  • Access subject-wise and chapter/wise metrics and understand where she/he may have been struggling at
  • Understand the effort put behind learning something by gaining exclusive access to usage reports
  • Have access to timely reports that showcase your performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Know how well you perform through assessment tracking that allows you to check chapter-wise performance
  • Use reports to identify your strengths and weaknesses at every level
  • Access insights such as class-wise performance, individual student performance from time to time
  • Use reports to cutback your students' weaknesses and work towards improved performance of a batch
  • Make your teaching ever more efficient and back your parent-teacher meetings with performance reports
  • Gain access to timely reports of your child's performance and keep track of their progress
  • Track usage of your child and help them spend time evenly across learning and assessing
  • Improve the way you encourage your child work on their weakness through logic and analysis of the reports

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