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Smart School

Smart School

Envision the possibilities of integrating the best of technology and lean pedagogy to create a collective progress. With Erudex's Smart School solutions, you gain exclusive access to our cutting-edge platform that comprises of dedicated teacher tools, rich repository of HQ audiovisual content, moderated assessments and intelligent reports. All stakeholders namely students, teachers, parents, supervisors and administrators are brought together on this platform to promote an enriching educational experience.

  • Get individual logins for all stakeholders
  • Take advantage of our multi-device (Desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones) access to exclusive content and assessments
  • Have an edge over with an online/offline accessibility
  • Benefit from a collaborative framework where students, parents and teachers can share content and information
  • Ease assessments with over 100,000 MCQs, tips and Q&As that are auto-graded
  • Have complete access to essential teacher tools, lesson plans, grade books and advanced reports
  • Get deeper insights on a student-level, class-level and school-level usage and performance
  • Reimagine teaching with fully-operational TabLabs and smart classrooms
1. Smart Classrooms with Cloud Server Integration

  • Each classroom is equipped with a smartboard, projector, a dedicated server, and content
  • Teachers and administrators can assign assessments and analyze reports from our cloud-based servers
  • Students gain an exclusive access to dedicated accounts to finish assignments and check progress from home or at school
2. Tablets with Cloud Server Integration

  • All stakeholders at the school are provided with dedicated tablets
  • Each tablet is supported with individual accounts
  • Content, Assignments, and Reports can be accessed from a dedicated cloud-based server
  • Reduces preparation time for teachers and lessens the burden of carrying all books for students

By choosing this solution you have access to over 30,000 high-quality animated learning videos, 100,000+ multiple choice questions and competitive exam modal test papers. Understand how you perform in each lesson with our self-assessment tools and keep track of your progress with our clever reports.

Classes Covered:
Class 1 to 12 both CBSE and SSC
Subjects Covered Per Class:
Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, English and Social
Chapter Summaries Per Class:
MCQs,Definitions,Keypoints,Formulae,Faqs,Concept tree,Glossary,Imageinfo
Comprehensive Question Bank Per Class:
100000+ questions, answers, solutions, hints with level of diificulty and skill types
The advantage of a Smart School is (i) Participation of all stakeholders (ii) Connected Classrooms, Teachers   Students ease understanding progress and performance at an individual level (iii) Simplifies setting standards and maintaining quality of education consistently (iv) Scalable infrastructure that covers an entire school or group of schools
Teacher tools are a set of features on the Erudex platform that help teachers boost their efficiency. It includes Lesson Planning, conducting assessments, creating assignments, setting goals and activities, analysing reports, and interacting with students.
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