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"The traditional methodology in teaching may have brought educated minds into our society, but what Erudex is doing will give rise to an enlightened generation"

BV Pattabhiram

"Erudex is perhaps the platform that brings in the long-awaited change in our education system"

KS Sharma
Very Good

"I always wanted to find ways that improve teaching to make students understand better until Erudex introduced their concept. It not only makes teaching efficient, but it makes learning fun & interesting, and puts an end to my explorations"

Chukka Ramaiah

"I always found it difficult to complete my homework because I did not fully understand the lessons I was taught in class. Reading the textbook made it less interesting and referring to my day’s lessons when I came back home was not possible. Erudex’s tablet learning changed it all. Now I have lessons that are fun and animated. I also have a gadget to do my home-work"

Sai Sarath

"Until last year I put extra efforts in sending my child to after-school tuitions and weekend classes so that she understands her subjects better. It left her deprived of the childhood she was supposed to have & made her routine boring. With Erudex’s learning eco-system her learning has become all the more engaging. She doesn’t have to take extra classes and I can monitor how well she’s doing. She now takes the guitar classes on the weekend"

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